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Retractable Cable Reel

Retractable Cable Reel


Retractable Cable Reel is an electrical accessory using reels to wind the electrical cables and using springs to realize retraction. Additional components can be added to realize auto-locking function.

Certain cable reels are built with a retracting mechanism built in. In most cases, the cables on these reels carry mains electricity, though a similar mechanism is used for air hoses[disambiguation needed]. Retractable cable reels are particularly useful for environments where access to electricity or air is needed in a wide variety of places. All retractable hose reels operate using a constant force spring to provide torsion[disambiguation needed] for the spool, and a ratcheting mechanism to prevent the cable from retracting while it is being used.


We provide plugs and sockets for the retractable reel based on customers’ requirements. The plugs and sockets can be either connected to the fixed wire of the reel, or to the retractable wire of it.


Most cable reels on the market have an industrial heavy duty design which are not suitable for many applications. We have spent years to develop our premium products and use high quality materials and components . Our products will certainly be beyond your expectation.


We are based in Ningbo ,devoted to make the retractable cable reels more compact, elegant and durable. Our products are environmentally friendly and comply to CE, VDE and UL standards. They are widely used for electrical appliances, medical equipment, power systems, electrical car charging and so on. 

Post time: Nov-17-2021