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Power socket that is widely used and beneficial to the people

“This is really convenient. We don’t have to worry about being unable to return home because of the lack of electricity for electric vehicles.” Recently, the citizen Ms. Wu told the reporter of the Hohhot Evening News that power sockets were installed in the bicycle sheds of the Inner Mongolia Maternity and Child Health Hospital. Patients who came to seek medical treatment You can charge the electric car.

Ms. Wu introduced that there are two children in her family, because the children often come to the hospital for treatment when they are sick. “Last year, I brought my child here by electric bike. When I went back, the car ran out of power halfway, so I pushed it back. A few days ago, I took my child to fill teeth again, worrying that the electric bike was running out of power and rode a bicycle, and ended up in the carport. I saw workers installing wires and sockets, and come back today to see that they have been installed.” Ms. Wu said.

The Chief of Logistics Department of Inner Mongolia Maternity and Child Health Hospital introduced that because the hospital is far away from the urban area, some employees who ride electric bicycles report that there is no place for charging in the hospital, which is not only inconvenient for employees, but also for patients who come to see a doctor. “Some patients who ride electric bikes will consider whether there is a place to store them, whether they can be charged, etc. If they are charged in a building, there are safety hazards. Taking into account many factors, and in order to better serve the majority of patients, The hospital decided to install sockets in the car shed in the northwest corner to facilitate patients riding electric bicycles and hospital staff to charge the electric cars.” Section Chief Du said.

Post time: Nov-23-2021