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Child safety socket features

Child safety sockets are specially developed and designed to protect children’s electrical safety. They are intelligent and electric shock-proof sockets. Child safety sockets can intelligently identify whether the plug-in is an electrical plug, and ensure that each jack has no electricity when the electrical plug is not inserted. Even if any pole of the plug is inserted separately, there will be no electric shock, and electricity will only be energized when the electrical plug is normally inserted into the jack.

Child safety socket features:

1. Intelligent recognition. The child safety socket can intelligently identify whether the plug-in is an electrical standard plug. When the electrical plug is inserted, the indicator light will flash faster until it is fully energized. When people, including children, use non-plug items to insert or erroneously enter, no current support is provided, which can effectively prevent accidental electric shock.

2. Over temperature protection. Once the temperature around the child safety socket exceeds the safe temperature, the socket will automatically cut off the power until the temperature returns to normal to avoid accidents.

3.Active protection. When the indicator light of the child safety socket is off, the three corresponding sockets are completely safe and uncharged, which is very safe.

4.Super high performance. The shrapnel of the child safety socket is made of high-elastic phosphor bronze, which will not feel fatigue even if the number of plug-ins reaches more than 10,000 times. It can also maintain good contact and is not easy to ignite; the inner core is made of high-temperature resistant PC+ABS engineering plastics.

5.the child safety socket will not burn when the hot wire is hot at 750℃, and has good flame retardant performance; the wire ensures that it will not heat up when it bears 2500W, and the load capacity is large. It adopts glass fiber reinforced plastic crystal panel, which has a long service life and does not need to be purchased repeatedly.

In fact, the safest way is to keep children away from the jack. For safety, parents may wish to teach their children some basic home safety knowledge for children, such as telling them that there are evil people behind the nose socket, so that the children can stay away from the socket because of fear , Played the purpose of protecting safety.

Post time: Dec-01-2021